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Peaceful Spirit Giveaway

Peaceful Spirit Giveaway

It’s a new year!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

Starting a new year is like having a chance to start over.

It’s an opportunity to take a moment to pause, reflect, and
set some goals for how you would like your life to move forward
in the coming months and year.

Do you make resolutions?
Whether or not you have a list of goals for the year,
it’s a good idea to step back and become the observer
of your life in order to gain perspective. We don’t always
see situations clearly when we are in the middle of them
so looking at things from a different angle can help us
receive fresh insights and gain better equilibrium.

Herbs for Wisdom
There are specific herbs that help cultivate that ability
to gain perspective on your life and many of them are

featured in the Peaceful Spirit formula.

Smile, laugh, be wise, be happy

Considering the time of year, we can think of no
better formula to feature than Peaceful Spirit.
As you begin the year and start to imagine your goals
and think about what you want to achieve in the coming
months, the best way to do it is from a grounded, balanced,
and centered place.

Peaceful Spirit is a powerful 10:1 herbal extract that helps to:

  • Open the Heart
  • Awaken the Spirit
  • Uplift the Shen
  • Cultivate Wisdom

It’s a formula for putting a smile on your face, making you feel happier,
and giving you perspective on your life.

It is also very effective for anyone who feels emotionally stressed,
anxious, or worried from life’s challenges.

How the Formula Works

The primary herbs in this formula (Reishi, Albizia, Asparagus, and Polygala)
have been traditionally used to uplift the spirit when confronted with
emotional distress, sadness, and moodiness.

This combination works synergistically to bring a smile to your face
and more peace and perspective into your life.

It also connects your Heart to your Kidneys, the seat of the Will.
When the Will and the Heart are aligned, you are in a better position
to manifest your heart’s desires. Talk about setting yourself up to
start the year in a positive way…!

Letting go…

Do you want to let go of stress and tension? Are you ready to allow
your heart to be more open? This Shen formula can be taken as
needed up to three times a day with water when you feel like you
need some relief. This same formula is also available in bulk powder
format (called Awaken the Shen) that can be added by the teaspoon
to smoothies, elixirs, and teas.

These herbs are like food and are very safe for anyone to take.

Enter To Win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced on January 31, 2017 via their provided email address.

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